Friday, July 19, 2024

About Us

Who Are We? We Are You.

We’re a bunch of junkies. Now before you start thinking negative, take a second and realize you might be a junkie too. You know you’ve felt that rush of excitement when you engaged in one of your favorite activities. Felt the adrenaline building as you worked out. Had to wipe the saliva off your chin as you prepared to take another bite of that chocolate. We say all that to say this, we all have something we love. Something we are passionate about. This is where we come in. is the premiere entertainment portal which brings you not only the best of what pop culture has to offer, but also original content that you won’t find ANYWHERE else. We are passionate about the movies we watch, the games we play, the stuff we collect and the discussions we have. The best part is, we know that we’re not alone; we know there are those of you out there with just as much (if not more) passion for the things you love. This is where you come in. is offering you the opportunity to join us. Become part of The Junkie Nation and enjoy the liberating feeling of expressing your love for your favorite games, movies, comic books, anime, collectibles, etc. because we are just like you. We are the same, all of us joined together through our common love for pop culture and our passion for the fun side of life.

So now, hopefully, you can admit it; you are a junkie. That was step one. There’s only one question you have to ask yourself:

What kind of junkie are you?

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