Take a look at this!  The Titans DC Universe trailer!  This eagerly awaited trailer shows a very dark take on the Teen Titans in the show for the DC Universe.

First thing that caught me off guard was that the show is rated TV-MA.  Which means the take will be far more mature than I had anticipated.  The second thing that caught me off guard is that Dick Grayson obviously has a serious bone to pick with his former mentor Batman.  When he re-emerges as Robin to a group of thugs, he all to easily utters “Fuck Batman”.

The third thing that caught me off guard is that Beast Boy is indeed Green.  The producers have obviously opted to change the hue of Ryan Potter on screen to green.  A welcome change to see.  The jury is still kinda out on Starfire as even though Anna Diop is orange in the shots where she uses her powers, that could not be the case when she’s not.

Is it enough to make me less nervous about the show?  Only time will tell!  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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