The wait is finally over! Static Shock is finally coming home on DVD.

The first season of static shock will be available from Amazon and from Warner Brothers Direct. The show highlights the trying times of being an African American Teenager suddenly bestowed with superpowers.

Static is remember fondly by fans for touching on real life topics such as racism, peer pressure, drugs and gun violence, and also for delivering some great teenage superhero action.

The timing is interesting as there are rumblings of the imminent return of Static’s creators, Milestone Comics, DC Comics imprint, that focused on minority Super Heroes such as icon, rocket, on minority Super Heroes such as icon, rocket, the blood syndicate and Hardware.

Hopefully this news proves to be true as Milestone Comics was a revolutionary imprint that did not get the exposure again deserve back in the day period

Are you looking forward to the return return of static? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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