If you have yet to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, you might want to come back to this later…but seriously WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

My lord.  Why oh why do fans insist on ignoring what’s right in front of them?  In Marvel’s first official Spider-Man entry in the MCU debuting to stellar box office numbers, many of my Facebook friends and discussion groups want to keep harping on Spider-Man not having Spider-Sense in the movie.  However, it was apparent that he’d had his Spider-Sense all along.  We owe much of this noise to the click-bait headlines proliferating social media from the poorly quoted words of Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts, as well as the damage control follow-up from MCU head honcho Kevin Fiege. The only reason this is still an issue is because fans don’t truly understand how Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense works.  So I wanted to share three clear examples where Spider-Man used his Spider-Sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

How Spider-Sense works

As an avid fan of the wall-crawler for many years, I’d like to think I have a pretty good grasp on how his powers work.  I don’t need to rely on the visuals of previous Spider-Man films or cartoons, nor do I need to take the word of a director who i’d wager a hefty sum of cash, doesn’t know the characters powers better than I do.  What some people are used to seeing is his Spider-Sense warning him of imminent danger in his surroundings, with an elaborate slow-motion scene showing the viewer what the danger is and where its coming from.  However his Spider-Sense is much more than that.  It allows him to react faster to things he can plainly see in front of him as well.

This isn’t something you turn on and off. Its instinctual.  So when he’s fighting 2 or 3 or more people and is dodging bullets, punches and other weapons? Guess what…that’s Spider-Sense in action!  When he blindly shoots his webs while swinging through the air?  Spider-Sense.  It acts in a similar fashion as Daredevil’s radar sense, but it’s far more powerful, allowing him to dodge even point blank machine gun fire.

So let’s give you some examples of when Spider-Man used it in the film:

Bank Robbery Scene

In this scene, which was heavily in the trailers, Spidey was dodging attacks from 4 attackers, flipping all around the bank and making the attacks miss.  While some of this was quick reflexes to  be sure, what is also certain is that his Spider-Sense allowed him to react quickly to leap out of the way of the overcharged Chitauri plasma cutter that dissected the bank ATMs and also destroyed his favorite neighborhood deli across the street.

Spidey fires a web-grenade at an oncoming attacker using his Spider-Sense.

Island Ferry Scene

Here is the scene where the Spider-Sense got a good workout. In the fight with Vulture’s men, Spidey used his Spider-Sense to dodge a blow from the Shocker.  Clearly, Shocker was behind him, and Spidey couldn’t see him at all.  Yet, he quickly dodged, knocked him into the guardrail and webbed his hands to it.  Clearly feeling himself, he starts quipping at a now harmless Shocker, as he changed his web cartridges.  Without missing a beat, he fires a web-grenade towards the direction of a charging attacker. Only his Spider-Sense would’ve alerted him of the threat oncoming attacker, as well as in where to fire.

Showdown with The Vulture

After the crazy reveal in the 3rd act, Spidey confronted the Vulture in his hideaway.  After the classic villain monologue, The Vulture brings his wings to bear on Spidey.  The action happened so fast that Spidey leapt out of the way using his Spider-sense as he bounded around the building.  A couple of which were impossible to see, including attacks from above and behind him.  Of course, no amount of Spider-Sense could have prevented what happened next.

Spider-Man has his showdown with The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming

There you have clear examples of Spider-Sense in action.  Kevin Feige clearly said himself that Spider-Sense is part of his powerset, and as I illustrated here, is going to be treated differently than viewers are used to.  His Spider-Sense has been treated as a unique occurrence that happens only in dire circumstances, which is not true in the slightest.  It’s always in operation and is part of nearly everything he does, even when he contorts his body in ways to avoid obstacles as he swings through New York.  If you’re wondering why there was no precognitive examples of Spider-Sense, well, even in the comics that was something that had to develop a bit over time.  In the timeline established by this film and Captain America: Civil War, he’s only been Spider-Man for less than one full year.  His powers are going to grow, and even according to the director, they’ll be exploring those aspects of it later.  I’d imagine that it won’t be slow-motion style however.  So please, use this article to diffuse the nonsense spreading over the internet about Spider-Sense.  He’s always had it, and he always will.

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52 thoughts on “3 Clear Examples of Spider-Sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming”

  1. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    You agree he has it in civil war… then proceed to try and argue that somehow he magically doesn’t have it based on words that can easily be taken out of context? Please Dave, use some common sense and logic.

    1. That makes no sense ken. Nobody said he never had it, he said he didn’t have it in this movie. Sheesh

    2. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Go back to Dave’s very first comment on this post. He said… and I quote “I think it was all his natural instincts and reflexes…”

    3. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      I said the director said he doesn’t have it. Which is dumb because he has it in civil war why take away the power.

    4. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Read back your own words sir….

    5. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      My first post sir I said -3 because it was already introduced so what are you talking about??? That’s why I was mad at the director for saying it’s not in the film. I don’t know if you didn’t catch that part but that has been my issue with the film.

    6. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Yet I clearly pointed out to you plenty of instances where it was used… sooo you still trying to say there was no spider-sense?

    7. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Bruh… They just didn’t show it in the manner all of you who don’t understand how it works are used to seeing it. You claim it was all natural instincts and such right? Guess what those instincts are…

      As I said before, its not something you turn on and off. Its ALWAYS on. So in every situation, its bent used.

    8. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      As I said before, he has ALWAYS had it. My feeling is that the director’s words are being taken out of context, especially when he says things like “you want to make this movie be less about things you’ve already seen before”, or hear him say “something that develops over time or we can do it in a different way.”

      Never once was it uttered that he clearly says he DOES NOT HAVE IT. But he clearly does infer that this movie focuses on his burgeoning latent abilities. So one more time, as I’ve been saying for seemingly weeks on this topic, he HAS Spider-sense, but it is in the early stages. They will be exploring it more in later films and more likely in ways that haven’t already been done to death.

    9. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      Ok that’s not concrete that’s just your opinion. The director has done 3 interviews where people have asked him about it and he says the same thing. So nobody is giving a straight forward answered like you are. Which they should be able to do if that is the case. I mean I just can’t roll with it. The head of the company even says I think he has it. So how do you go and say yes it’s there.

    10. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:


      Maybe because it’s obvious to the naked eye? Maybe because I understand how the abilities work?????

  2. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

    I agree he had it in Civil War. I just said it was dumb for the director to say it’s not in the Homecoming movie. That was my whole argument. Why introduce it then say he doesn’t have it. It would have been better if he (the director) never said anything at all. Then you have Fiege doing damage control because fans are upset. But he says I THINK HE HAS IT. I mean using the word I think twice doesn’t mean he has it. It tells me you think but you are giving the fans an answer that will calm them down. Because he doesn’t know for sure.

  3. Chris I posted this earlier this week in a previous “Spidey Sense” article in here. Clearly Spidey sense

  4. Chris Miles Chris Miles says:

    Porter Dave, Shaun Manning, Kenan Cross, here’s your clear example of Spider Sense from his first MCU appearance:

    Right around the 20 second mark. Subtle, but definitely there…

  5. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    Okay… but here’s your hole in that theory… is Ned considered a threat? Aunt May? No. So it doesn’t alert him about their presence. And as I said before… he us growing into his powers. They aren’t full blown.

    1. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      Sorry I was referring to him using it in battle. And I would think someone finding out his identity would alert his Spidey Sense.

    2. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      In many cases later on the comics it does alert him. But only for people he doesn’t trust.

    3. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      Ok I will take that!

  6. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

    This whole paragraph shoots down the Spidey Sense theory. But I honestly believe Fiege was doing damage control.

  7. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    Again as I said in the article, its all based on your understanding of how his powers work. Its like people saying T’Challa isn’t mystically enhanced just because they haven’t shown B’ast talking to him or passing him the powers. Clearly he is. He wouldn’t be outrunning Cap without much trouble otherwise

    1. Naw big fella. That’s not the same.

    2. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Lol it really is. Like I said… Its all in understanding how the powers work. They aren’t just an early warning system

    3. Only way I see they’re the same is marvel doing whatever they want with the characters which they have every right to. It’s fine by me.

  8. So Kevin saying he “thinks” and the director saying he didn’t. Sounds like a no. Not saying he won’t have cause I really don’t care, but it didn’t seem to me like he had it.

  9. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    No. I don’t think I have.

    1. Feige did say that tho. That he wanted to approach it differently.

    2. When I went in I was wondering if they were gonna say it was underdeveloped or something.

    3. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      This just goes to show, you better be clear when making statements because people will certainly take what you say and run with it!

    4. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      This just goes to show, you better be clear when making statements because people will certainly take what you say and run with it!

    5. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      True, it’s the only real reason i have a problem with it. Fiege isn’t sure if it is or isn’t. He says I think it is. That’s like you asking me if I’m going to go to the show and I say i think I am. That’s not a definite answer. He says it twice so that’s why I said it was a PR move. Just my thoughts though.

    6. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      True, it’s the only real reason i have a problem with it. Fiege isn’t sure if it is or isn’t. He says I think it is. That’s like you asking me if I’m going to go to the show and I say i think I am. That’s not a definite answer. He says it twice so that’s why I said it was a PR move. Just my thoughts though.

  10. Wait Wikipedia??!!!!! Haven’t you denounced that before?

  11. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    Fiege said it himself Shaun. People just wanna be stuck on….i dunno

  12. also hope you posted that on twitter

  13. Again, just asking for a friend. If the director said they weren’t there….. as awesome as that cj article was…… the man that made the movie said otherwise right???

  14. Its presented differently. I get that now.

  15. Bill Walker Bill Walker says:

    Lolllll. When you think about how he instinctively moves and shoots webs with pin point accuracy…makes sense.

    That slow mo stuff looks cool but is really for rank amateurs

    1. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      Wait when did Spidey Sense give him better accuracy?

    2. Bill Walker Bill Walker says:

      I mean…did he ever receive any tactical firearm training? Lol. He coming out the gate with pin point shooting. Just a thought for real. Could be what the director thought of.

    3. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      It always has Dave. Like I said in the article… Its instinct. Much like Hawkeye can shoot his target accurately. Much of that is instinct.

    4. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

      Show me please where his Spider Sense has done that? I’m asking because from what I remember it was an instinct an alert nothing to help with his accuracy.

    5. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      When Spider-Man swings across a city on his weblines, his spider-sense guides his aim, allowing him to travel at high speeds hundreds of feet above street level with minimal concentration, confident his weblines will find secure anchor points.


    6. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Its all right there Dave…

  16. Bill Walker Bill Walker says:

    Great points. People want the dramatic stuff from the cartoon and other films LOL

  17. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    Lol. Ok. Clearly you view spider-sense differently than even Marvel themselves says it works.

  18. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

    I love the article and the way you clearly showed each instant. I just don’t believe they were Spider Sense moments. In the next couple of movies we will find out. For now I’m taking the movie as freshman movie. He doesn’t have it ansnlater he will be like wow what was that moment will happen where either time will slow down to show it or his eyes will get wide or something to show it and the screen will give us the effect that it happened.

  19. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    Btw, thus is our first official instant article!

  20. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

    did you read what was written?

  21. Porter Dave Porter Dave says:

    So in this regard I guess Bruce Lee had Spidey Sense and Jason Straham when they block attacks from people in all directions. Something are just reflexs and not Spidey Sense. I think all those scenes were his own natural fighting instincts and reflexs. But that’s just my opinion on it.

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