The Thor: Ragnarok trailer has hit the net and there’s a lot to take in! The first thing is Cate Blanchett’s Hela, stopping Mjolnir in its tracks and crushing it with her bare hands! As shows of power go, that is pretty damn impressive! She also seemingly singlehandedly lays waste to Asgard so there’s that plot line there too.

Next thing that stood out was the headpieces being worn! Thor hasn’t worn his helmet since his very first movie, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) since The Avengers. Yet both of them wear helmets this time, but they aren’t nearly as awesome looking as Hela’s! Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie also wears one at some point too.

Speaking of Valkyrie, we see a bit of how she relates to the story and to the awesome Jeff Goldblum version of The Grandmaster! This version is presiding over the gladiator games somewhere in the cosmos and we of course get our first look at the gladiator champion, The Incredible Hulk! Thor rejoices on seeing his friend, but Hulk doesn’t seem to share the sentiment!

Ultimately this trailer made me yearn to see more. But i don’t think we need to see much more! I’m ready for this movie to drop now!

How did you like the new trailer? Leave a comment!

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21 thoughts on “Mjolnir is broken! Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer smashes perceptions! ”

  1. Chris Miles Chris Miles says:

    The last time this song was used for a movie was in Shrek and it wasn’t part of the trailer…

  2. Aren’t they using the music they used for BvS (or JL)? And was that Bishop in one shot with the dreads?

    1. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      …… that is obviously Heimdall.

    2. Clearly not obviously if I asked the question, smart ass. …Is it just me or are you smart with just me?

    3. I won’t lie. I thought it was Bishop too. With the black guy mullet and everything lol

    4. Thank you Kenan Cross identical twin cousin!

    5. I guess gods can grow shoulder length dreads in a year.

    6. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      …. Did Fox all of a sudden relinquish the rights to the X-Men and I missed something? Because why the hell would anyone think a mutant staple like Bishop…. would be in a Thor movie….

    7. It’s not my fault they made him look like Bishop

    8. Kenan Cross Kenan Cross says:

      Only to those I think aren’t applying their vast mental capacity to deduce obvious things… such as, yknow, characters that are and are not available to Marvel Studios…

      Come now… we know the deal with that X-Men will never lapse of fox has anything to say about it.

    9. I’m well aware of which studios owns the right to which property sir. Still doesn’t change the fact that he looks like Bishop…period

    10. And it doesn’t have too lapse. They COULD have made a deal to borrow it swap characters. I just asked originally because it was a 2 second shot (on my cell phone) and the last I saw Heimdall he didn’t have dreads at all.

    11. Yeah I knew right away it was Heimdall. Bishop in a Thor movie??? LOL

    12. Yeah I knew right away it was Heimdall. Bishop in a Thor movie??? LOL

    13. I’m not saying he was Bishop. I’m simply saying that he LOOKED like Bishop

    14. Bill Walker Bill Walker says:

      Y’all didn’t know it was Idris? He’s pretty much been holding it down as the black man of Asgard lol

  3. Was waiting for this to drop….Looks like this may be the best of the 3.

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