Hey Junkies!  This rumor was far too dope for me not to write something about.  E3 2018 is right around the corner, with the first press conference scheduled for June 9th.  If this rumor turns out to be true, then Sony is about to finally grant us something we’ve been asking for since the PS4 first launched 5 years ago.

Is Sony about to bring Backwards Compatibility to PS4?

Sony E3 2018 Leaked sheet

Backwards Compatibility At Last?

If the above picture is actually legit, then backwards compatibility is finally on its way to the PS4!  Recently, Sony dropped Ps3 games and PS Vita games from the Playstation Plus lineup of free games. Add to the fact that production of Ps3’s themselves stopped last year and you’ve got some people antsy that a lot of their games they’ve held on to will no longer be playable.  Adding backwards compatibility solves that issue and adds a long awaited feature to the PS4 that is sure to satisfy hardcore Sony fans, and possibly fans who abandoned Sony when they opted to go for the Playstation Now service instead.

Also listed in the sheet was a possible Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Remake announcement, as well as a Devil May Cry 5 gameplay trailer.  But to me, the backwards compatibility makes for a very interesting announcement for Sony.  Sony’s Press Conference is slated for June 11, 2018 and we’ll be sure to cover all of it on that week’s livestream episode.

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