Remember that Castlevania TV series we were telling you about a little while back? Well looks like it got a little more official as of today!

Nestled in between a bunch of other announcements made today in a press release, Netflix announced that they are developing a brand new television series based on the fan favorite Konami classic, Castlevania due out sometime this year!


The details are of course slim, but as we reported before the man responsible for the incredible Power Rangers indie film from a couple years back Audi Shankar is the brains behind all of this. If it’s anything like that was Castlevania fans should be rest assured that this is going to be something to remember.

Castlevania of course is the classic video game originally on the NES that starred Simon Belmont a famous monster hunter who you control on his quest to vanquish Dracula in his castle. Will the new series be based on Simon or will it be based on another member of the famous Belmont Clan? Who would you like to see Castlevania be about? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Netflix Quietly Announces Castlevania Series For 2017′

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